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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kep by the Sea.

We left Phnom Penh this morning en route for Kep. On the bus we met two lovely young gentlemen; Justin (an australian banker who has lived and worked in Cambodia for the past 3 years) and Tom (an extremely tall Brit who is traveling for the next year). Justin knows everything about everything-- and really, there's no bullshit. We nicknamed him Wiki (wikipedia), though his friends call him Shit Sponge due to his ability to remember everything, from random shit to important shit. He was filling us in about Cambodia, totally having Toms, Gillians and my own complete attention. Justin was headed to Kep to meet up with his girlfriend and just enjoy a lazy weekend. Tom was supposed to get off in Kompot, but after chatting with the 3 of us he decided to hop off in Kep. Now- he's traveling with us for a bit! We arrived in Kep, and checked into Tree Top- Gillian and I are sharing a grass hut that costs $5/night (2.5each) and Tom is in a $4 hut. Not much privacy- you can pretty much see and hear through the literally paper thin walls on both sides. We all met up at Kimly's restaurant for crabs...because when you are in Kep- you eat crabs. They were freaking OUTSTANDING. Now we are showered up and headed out o see Dan play at Kukuluku in town. Been playing music with Dan the past few nights in PP, so this should be fun!

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