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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Night Yoga, Late Night.

Meesh set off in the morning to pack her bags and prepare herself for her flight to Bali. Mick and I spent the day lounging around. He had my iPod in his ears, and I kept him on a steady rotation of good music while he worked on a video project. I read SHANTARAM (almost finished!) and made a few Skype calls. The Internet connection here in the morning is perfect, so I was able to video chat with my parents for quite awhile. Also had a long time on the phone catching up with my Auntie D. She insists that I turn this lifestyle of mine into a career: reality tv travel show or some kind of travel writer. I FULLY agree- so if there's any of you out there with ideas of how to do this, or have connections to do so- let me know! Anywho- lazy day. Again. Meesh returned around 730 and we all decided to do some yoga. Our place has a small open space in the apartments next door, so we snuck over. The day before I'd done yoga on our roof- but the space was small and the fall was pretty far down. It was a beautiful view though looking out over Bangkok so I skipped a flowy practice and opted for a restorative one. So, the 3 of us had a great session in a dark room next door. Mick is new to yoga and Meesh has only taken a few classes- so I was TOTALLY blown away when they were flowing through my class like seasoned veterans. Brilliant. Mick was not as flexible- but he has incredible strength and he listens really well. Michele is a bit more flexible, with the most open hips that I've ever come across. We worked up a Good sweat, enjoyed a long savasana and then cooled down with a shower.

For Meesh's last night we ate our favorite....street food! After mango salad we smoked some apple Shisha and sipped a cocktail. We dipped into a packed, sweaty, smelly bar to listen to a great cover band and drink overpriced beer. By the time we got home it was 2am...and Meesh's shuttle to the airport was leaving in an hour and a half! So I vowed to stay up with her until she left. We chatted and packed and planned our Indonesian surf adventures...I'll be meeting up with her in less than 4 weeks time! Fell asleep a bit after 4am, probably the latest that I've ever gone to bed!! Let's hope I don't make a habit of this....

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