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Monday, February 14, 2011

Your Yoga

Gillian is always referring to the yoga that I do as YOUR YOGA. "Did you do your yoga today?" or "I saw you doing your yoga this morning, it was lovely." And she refers to the yoga that she does as MY YOGA. I always kinda wondered why the hell she didn't just say YOGA- I mean, yoga is yoga, no need for the yours and mine. But after some thought, I think that Gilly is spot on. It is MY yoga- my own spiritual and personal practice catering to my bodys needs and my souls needs. Gillian and I have completely different practices but each one is perfect for our individual needs. They keep us healthy and happy and grounded.

Tom asked me about teaching him some yoga. I thought that he'd giggle throughout or halfass his way through. Not that Tom is that kind of person, but I find that most men struggle with the first few classes. Well, I need to eat my words, because Tom was one of the BEST students that I've ever had. He was open and attentive, and LISTENING. Through most of the class he had his eyes closed, so instead of trying to watch me the whole time, instead he listened and found his way. Beautiful. At 6'6", he was a bit awkward getting in and out of poses, and he wasn't very flexible- but I know that this will come with time and some regular practice.

I hope that everyone out there is enjoying THEIR makes life a happy healthier place.

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