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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Welcome to Thailand!

A night "sleeper bus" (there's no seats...just beds) from 8pm til 5am. Arrive in Siem Reap and wait. Take a mini bus to a cafe in town. Wait. Take a different minibus for 2 hours to Poipet, the border. Wait in line, wait in another line, pay some money, get a stamp. Load into another minibus and several long hours to Bangkok. And now- I'm here. And it's awesome. On the long journey I met a lovely lively Californian...Danielle. She had LOADS of time to kill in Bangkok before her flight, so I invited her along to eat bop and shop with Meesh and me. Our first stop, street food and iced coffees. 30baht ($1usd) got me a huge plate of freshly made pad Thai, with my noodles of choice, egg and a spring roll. 20baht got me the best iced coffee-- better than any I had in Cambodia. It's busy and touristy here, and if you're not eating street food it's expensive, but I'm glad to be in this new country, with an old friend.... May the good times continue!

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