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Monday, January 17, 2011

Gordon Wishard.

also known as
"G - Breezy", "G-Unit", my best friends Fiance
...and the Head Chef @ La Medusa.

Gordon is the KING of meat. He's an amazing butcher, and the charcuterie that he produces is made with loads of love and attention that you can taste. He's kinda a quiet guy, pretty simple, and very particular. After years of watching my best friend date men that were not-at-all-up-to-par-for-her-level-of-fabulousness, I'm glad that she's found a life partner in Gordon. While we were busy eating pot cookies and drinking too much up in the mountains for our "Ladies Weekend", Gordon was enjoying his own adventure - picking up his 400lb pig that had been fed a diet of HAZELNUTS for the past month. Yep, hazelnuts. Gordon was working on the pig today at work, he'll use it on the menu in the upcoming months and the charcuterie that he'll make with it will appear on the menu sometime next year. He had me smell the cut of pork belly, and it smelled like freaking Coffee Mate Hazelnut Cream that you use in your coffee. Here's some pictures of Gordon with his pig.

Gordon showing me your average piece of pig - far less exciting than his superior hazelnut piggy.

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