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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My stomach wasn't feeling topnotch, so when I joined Lyndsay and Yenz to the market for breakfast, I opted to keep it simple. The very strong smell (combined with the sight) of dead fish, chickens, frogs and other assorted animals forced me to supplement fresh fruit instead of my morning Pho. The pineapples here are super cute and super tiny...the perfect size for a midget like me. I studied my Khmer cheat sheet for a minute before askin the woman for a pineapple. She was impressed and ben sliced up the pineapple for me!! The worked swift and smooth, slicing the pineapple in a spiral all the way up and down, maligned it easy to eat by just biting into it! It was so good, but he lack of napkins had me wearing some of the sweet fruit on my face!!!

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