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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mad Ramblings 1,2,3,4

Korea 7:09pm, Cambodia 5:09pm, New Jersey 5:10am, Seattle 2:10am

Ramble #1:
Korea Airs food doesn't hold a candle to that of Asiana Airlines, though it's still better than the crap you can purchase on any airlines from the states. Drank a CASS beer with my dinner, which tasted like a watered down Miller Lite. It was about ad enjoyable as a flat club soda...but it was free, which is totally awesome in my book. Two things I love in Korean cuisine (aside from their epic Kimchi) is the Gochuchang and Brown Rice Green Tea. Gochuchang is Korean Red Pepper Paste. It's nearly identical in appearance, texture and taste to jamD's beloved Sriracha- but it's a bit more mild, an with a smoky hint to it. I LOOOOVE it. Delicious. Put it on vegetables, bathe your rice in it, or use it to spruce up your protein. My other favorite is their brown rice green tea, genmai cha. I do not enjoy regular green tea, but the heartiness of genmai cha is much more friendly only stomach. I love that when you order "green tea" in Korea, that this is what you get.

Ramble #2:
We're about halfway through the flight now, and I'm just about finished "the dirty life". This is good because everyone reads the spine of the book, seeing the title, and then they give me a sour look like I'm some kind of perv. Its about FARMING, people!! Jeez!

Ramble #3:
Since takeoff my mid has shifted from tall, funloving butcher of the northwest, to handsome, charming map maker from LA....whom I met in Korea and who is also traveling through southeast Asia. Ha. Is it really that obvious that I've been single for a long while now...?!?

Ramble #4:
As always, my very loose plans have evolved. JamD might be joining me in Cambodia, probably sometime around when I reach phnom penh. She will probably cruise with me for about a month if she comes. Also, talked to my great friend Misel today. She's been living in northern Thailand for almost 2years now, as a dive instructor. She plans to be in Indonesia, her old stomping grounds, for all of April. SO: I'm goin to cut y Vietnam jaunt a bit short, only staying for about two weeks, and then I'm going to meet Misel in Indo for a few weeks before settin some roots in Bali in May. Misel is an amazing artist from Switzerland, whom I met in costa rica years ago and did some traveling with. She's amazing, and she is quite the Indo Affecianado.

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