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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lia Hao Aussie's!

This is a onesie jumper that Mon (aka Mooch) gave to me.

Tonight I had to say goodbye to my (new) good friends, the Australian Girls. Monica, Mel, Kristin and Amber have made my stay in Siem Reap a fun and enjoyable one. As I expressed to them, the temples would have been just as beautiful if I was there alone, but the whole experience was memorable because it was shared with them. When traveling solo I usually connect with and end up traveling with one other person, two at most: always solo travelers. This was the first time that I was absorbed into such a large tight-knit group. We had a "fancy dinner" tonight at an adorable vegetarian restaurant in one of the towns back alleys tonight. My dinner was $5, but I figured that I'd break the budget for this farewell dinner. Our meal, at a place like this, back in the states would run you about 25-35$ an entree. SO, I guess that $5 wasn't really all that bad. After dinner we indulged a bit more with some shopping! It was a good time and I was glad to have a team in tow to help me barter down the prices (thanks Mel), pick out the cutest gear (thanks Mon) and help to regulate my purchases (thanks Kristen!).

Best of wishes to my new friends as they journey to malaysia, Singapore and ultimately - Australia. I look forward to visiting OZ, and to showing you around Costa Rica. Pura Vida.

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