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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blowing it.

So. My friend Nicole Gorton in Encinitas is pretty fucking amazing. She is beautiful and talented and kind. Men should be knocking down her door...and the same goes for my other fabulous, outstanding, stunning friends. But what I love about Nicole is that if a guy doesn't reciprocate, blows her off, or doesn't step up - she doesn't sweat it like all the rest of us do. She doesn't think "Oh man, what did I do wrong?", "Should I have worn something sexier?", "Damnit, I'm not good enough". Oh NO. Nicole simply shrugs her shoulders and says "Well, he totally blew it.", she believes it %100 percent...and ya know what, it's %110 true. He did blow it. He IS missing out. It IS his loss. Why can't we all think like this? It's something that I'm going to work towards this 2011...because I am pretty fucking fabulous, and if some guy blows me off - well damnit, it's totally his loss!

We had the most outstanding day today {details to follow in later blog}. Half way through our eating, drinking extravaganza we ran into Julie and Gordon's tall, sexy, pretty amazing friend Joel. He is a butcher. A very handsome butcher. He's moving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in a week or so to open up his own butcher shop with a restaurant attached. Local, delicious, organic food. Boom. I was in love. It's pretty rare that I'm at a loss for words - rambling on is kinda my thing. Anywho - the goofy, chatty, tall, handsome butcher had me sitting in my barstool, smiling like an idiot. After a glass of wine I warmed up a bit and came out of my shell - and the conversation was quite good. It was time for us to mozie on - but we decided to all meet up at the restaurant-a-la-moment, La Bete. Well...two hours, several bottles of wine and MANY plates of delicious food later, no Joel. For a minute or two I succumbed to the "poor me" philosophy. 'I'm too chubby', 'I look hungover and gross', 'I'm short and stout...ew', 'He could totally do better'. And then, AND THEN - I channeled my inner Nicole Gorton {and the book "He's Just Not That Into You" -- which I must say, is AMAZING}. I looked at my fabulous friends Jules and Gordon and said aloud, "Well, Joel fucking blew it", and you know what - I %100 believe it. Another thing that I must say - and hate to admit - is that the damn cliche book He's Just Not That Into You stated several valid points: if a man wants to talk to you, he'll call. If a man wants to see you, and he knows where you are - he'll show up. If Joel wanted to hang out with me - than he would have made an effort to show at La Bete. But he didn't - and I'm not sweating it - because he is the one missing out, on a pretty outstanding human being {ahem....yours truly}.

So the next time things don't work out the way that you want - don't be a self - hater, celebrate your fabulousness and don't be ashamed to admit that he messed up big time.

Me in my fancy fly new red heels!


  1. Glad you now realize what ALL of us see!!!!

  2. YOU GO GIRL! i'm 100% with Michelle! I've been telling you this FOREVER! amen!

  3. you are one of the most fabulous people i know. love you pookie