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Monday, January 31, 2011

Cambodian Cabernet

Leave it to me to sniff out the one winery in all of southeast Asia!! I was delighted to discovery this adorable winery that made one red wine, a rose, grape juice, Ginger honey juice, and hands down the best brandy I've ever had. Gillian and I had a good laugh at the vineyard and enjoyed our tasting, which ran us $1 a piece. We particularly enjoyed the brandy and decided to purchase one bottle to bring along on our travels! It was $12 well spent. The wine actually wasn't half bad, but we didn't like it enough to spend $15 on it. 10 people work the vineyard and they produce 10,000 bottles a year total. It was a hoot, and chatting (rather, attempting to chat) with the owner was great.

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