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Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Town, New Friend, New Plans

Today I met Jillian within the first 20minutes aboard our 9 hour boat trip to Battambang. We hit it off instantly. Jillian has been traveling through India the past 5 months, and has done extensive traveling most of her life. To be described in one word, she is lovely. Shes from the Shetland Islands and doesnt plan to return to her job as an educator anytime soon She heard me telling another passenger that I hoped to make it up to northeast Cambodia. I have met many travelers in my short time here- none have been to the northeast, and none planned to go- opting to keep it simple at the beach or in user-friendly Siem Reap. Jill was delighted to hear of another person headed that way, so now here I am- in battambang, sharing a hotel room with my new travel partner. My plans have pretty much completely changed, which is the beauty of never having a plan to begin with! We leave Battambang first thing monday morning for Kompong Cham for 2 days. Then to Kratie and then into the wild east (Ratanakiri) for some serious trekking, secluded waterfalls, a swim in the volcanic crater lake and genuine locals! Then well steady head back south, only stopping in phnom penh for a day, heading all the way south to the beach. This is where we may part ways. She'll be doing some diving and I'll be visiti Scott van pelts buddy in Sihanoukville. Turns out I WILL be heading into Thailand afterall. Head all the way up through Thailand, entering northern Laos and spending one month heading south, then crossing into Vietnam just for a week. Flying out of Ho Chi Minh and into indonesia. Boom. That's the plan....for now.

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