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Monday, January 10, 2011

Brisket + Beer {and Yoga}.

Woke up early this morning and Julisa + I headed out into the snow to take a yoga class @ YoBe, Yoga on Beacon. The instructor was Erich, and he was the best best best best. Loved it. We started out with three rounds of Aum, followed by some chanting, and then a deep physical and spiritual class. It was especially meaningful to me because I got to practice alongside someone whom I love very very much. Truly, it is classes like this and instructors like Erich that make me feel ALIVE.

Julia warmed up before class using the wall and some straps. I've never practiced this type of yoga - but it really helps you to go deeper. I'm hoping that Erich will incorporate this some during my time here.

After yoga we headed to Julia's work, La Medusa, so that she could do some bookwork. We stopped in first at the Columbia City Bakery, also owned by Julias boss. We had a delicious cup of coffee and snacks to hold us over until lunch. Julia worked away, and I finally committed - and bought my ticket for CAMBODIA. I'll be leaving from Seattle on Jan 20th. Details to follow... Anywho, after work we scooped up Gordon at the house and we all headed to Slim's Last Chance for some CHILI. And not just any chili, but the BEST chili. Gordon had a bowl of their Brisket + Beans Chili over Jalapeno Mac & Cheese, with a side of cornbread. I had a cup of the same. Julia had two cups - the Chili Verde and the Brisket + Beans, but she skipped the Mac & Cheese {BIG mistake Julia...Gordon was right, it's the only way to eat chili!}. Of course we also ordered a side of fries. I have to admit - I have had french fries and every meal, and for that matter - at every restaurant - since I've been here. Fries several times a day. And you know what - they are goddamn delicious! Last night I tried on a stunning dress at Anthropologie - I really, really wanted it, and it fit perfect - except for my ass. My butt and thighs had that thing pulled so tight that I thought the stitches were gonna burst. Julia said that she loved it and that it was booty-licious, but I thought not so much. It had me bummed out for a little bit, but then Gordon ordered my some fries and it instantly brought a smile back to my face. I know, a vicious cycle - more fries, bigger booty - but I know what I like, and I like french fries.

My Favorite Foodies: Gordon + Julisa.

Did you say FRENCH FRIES?!

We followed up our lunch with a pitiful game of pool, and then we headed to the grocery store. We all made a pact to tone down are dining out and cook at home - afterall, I AM staying with two of the most talented chefs I've ever met! The problem though is that they only have off 2 weeks out of the year - and who the hell wants to cook on their only days off? We loaded up on groceries and then quickly fell back into old habits - we stopped for ONE drink @ Benbow Room at the Heartland Cafe. This place was absolutely hysterical. The bar was like the inside of a made me feel like a kid again at the amusement park - only better though because this one had Beer. Jules and Gordon had SkuttleButt IPA's and I had a delightful fruity beer {forget it's name}. It was "Industry Monday", and since these two work in the industry we got a nice discount! The happy hour special was on for appetizers, and since we are junkfood kids at heart we couldn't resist : Sauerkraut Balls with Heartland Beer Mustard and some Mini Corn Dogs. Christ almighty, delicious - not so nutritious. We giggled like little kids, enjoyed the seafaring ambiance and danced to the pretty random and awful eclectic music that was playing through the speakers.

SO FANTASTIC: Sauerkraut and Kielbasa Balls.

Corn Dogs. Corn Dogs. Corn Dogs. MmM. MmM. MmM.

Gordon and Jules, in the bottom of the 'ship'.

Now we're home, and we are going to have some Kale Salad for dinner...followed by a cuddle on the couch and a funny movie. Good times in the NorthWest.

“I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer.” — Homer Simpson

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