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Monday, January 24, 2011

Mad Rambling 5,6,7,8,9

I realize that the blogs have been short and sweet, but I've neglected to fill you in on some key details.

Ramble #5:
I took a cooking class the other day. It was a super fun way to spend my afternoon, and I made some friends! Four young Australian girls, who offered to let me hop on their TukTuk and join them at the temples for the following three days. Monica, Mel, Amber and Kristin. They are very sweet and I'm thankful to have some
company for the 3 long temple treks.

Ramble #6:
I'm pretty easy and fuss-free concerning my living quarters while abroad. I love my $2/night dorm...we have nicknamed it "the aquarium" because the wall goes up about a foot and then it's all glass. Anyways, the aquarium is a great, clean place for the price I'm paying. BUT, the bathroom. Oh me oh my, the awful bathroom. The showerhead is next to the toilet, which is next to a big tub of water that just sits- collectively they make for a perfect mosquito breeding ground. The first time I opened the door to go pee a swarm of skeeters came charging at me, super excited about my sweet sissy skin. Bah!! Run!! After this trip I will probably die of DEET overdose! I've been bathing myself in it, and last night the German gave me a bottle that he brought from Germany...feeling bad for the poor lil girl covered in bites. So, I like my dorm too much to leave. I made two friends there, it's centrally located, safe and cheap. Plus- I've really been digging the big spare open room that I do yoga in every morning. So, since I won't leave- I've simply chosen to boycott the shower, and holding my pee until I can run into town for a drink. I brush my teeth with a waterbottle on the balcony, and I wash my face there as well.

Ramble #7:
"When in Rome" has been my motto for a long while. So, I've been eating food from all of the street vendors, staying far away from the nicer places that are full of foreigners. Most of my meals cost $1, I haven't paid more than $2 yet. The beverages are actually the same price as the food most time. Angkor Beer on tap is $0.50, but after a long hot day I just want water, a fresh coconut, and an iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk. I've been taking my acidophilus and vitamin c everyday, and drinking clean bottled water- so knock on wood, hopefully I continue to stay healthy.

Ramble #8:
As each day passes I feel more and more comfortable in my surroudings, and less and less alone. I've begun to pick up a few Khmer words, which the locals appreciate, even if I'm pronouncing them with a Spanish accent! Everyday I get less scared and anxious, but more excited about the upcoming months. It's a good feeling. I've found my rhythm; going to bed early, waking before sunrise and doing yoga, and having my coffee in the same place every morning.

Ramble #9:
the beauty of staying in a place that is $2, and eating for 3 meals a day for less than $5, is that you have lots of money left over for FUN shopping and massages! The shopping here is incredible and the massages are about $6/hr. Got one last night and it hit the spot after a long day walking around the temples.

Headed to some temples today and then I'm going to sit down and try to figure out a game plan for the upcoming week. Battambang or caramom mountains on the south coast? Decisions, decisions....

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