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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Khmer Vocab

So stoked that I've been picking up some of the language. Here's some vocab I now know, written phonetically so that I will remember how to say it....

Su-Su-Day: Hello
Ah Kuhn: Thank You
Ah Kuhn Jaran: Thank You Very Much
Otay Ah Kuhn: No Thank You
Klein-Na: Too Expensive
Som Du: Sorry/Excuse Me
La'Or Ah Kuhn: Good, Thank You
Kanai La-Or: Have A Good Day
Sa-At Na: Very Beautiful
Nach More Way: What's Your Name
Knom Cha More...: My Name Is....
Som Manoi: Menu Please
Som Kaut Loi: Bill Please
Na-At LeeAy Barn: Do You Speak English?
Lao-wee: Cool
Chop: Stop
La'Or: Good
Chinang: Delicious

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