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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Double MEAT Day

Today was a DOUBLE MEAT DAY. Yep, ya heard me. I had a cheeseburger around noon when I landed in Seattle, and then I had another again around 8pm at dinner! Goddamn delicious! I have been thoroughly enjoying the raw goodness of all that Bri cooks {creates}, and all of the vegetarian and vegan deliciousness that goes down at the Edinburg Ave Ashram....but once I was halfway through my flight up north to Seattle, I had a hankering for meat - and I simply couldn't shake it. Burger #1 was at ZIPPY'S, well known for their delicious burgers - hand ground meat and freshly packed patties. We retreated back to the house for some R&R and then headed out for a tour de bars, cocktails, and small plates. Here, there and everywhere eventually led us to PALACE KITCHEN, where I ordered yet another cheeseburger. Boom. So amazing. With french fries, of course. Now, I am relishing in my comfortable STRETCHY stretch pants, vowing to lay off the juicy burgers for a bit. I can't help it - I'm an all or nothing kind of gal, and when the mood strikes I simply cannot suppress it!

Our first stop of many: Le Pitchet, an adorable French restaurant - where we enjoyed frites, a cast iron skillet of melted cheese, delicious wine and a plate of meats, potatoes and cornichons!

Stop two: SPUR gastropub for cocktails.

Stop 3: The freaking ADORABLE Dinette. Love, love, love. The owner/chef Melissa is amazing, and her found - delicious! More wine, an olive plate, a 'toast', and the best kale salad that I've ever had.

Final Stop of the Night: Palace. The scene of the crime where Cheeseburger #2 was consumed.

“The church is near,
but the road is icy.
The bar is far away,
but I will walk carefully.”
— Russian proverb

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