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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Loves Me, Loves Me Not.

Woke up today and taught a yoga class to Erin Miller and Julia @ Er's house. It was deeelightful and it felt good to get back into the groove of teaching - it's something that just feels good to me. Julia had to jet to work, but thankfully my new friend {the goddess} Miller ran me around so that I could do some important "last minute" errands. She dropped me at Safeway a few hours later as she made her way to work, and I picked up some of this and some of that necessary for my upcoming months. As I was waiting outside of the supermarket for the bus, I decided to check my FB account on my crackphone, I mean "iPhone". Well, well, well...JOEL {the handsome butcher} had messaged me! yeeewww! Granted, I had messaged him first, but none-the-less, he replied! He told me that he was still in town and that he was having drinks at Melrose Market. WELL - I hurried back to Julia and Gordons and QUICKLY packed my bag {the ONE bag that I'll be living out of for the next 4 months...the ONE bag that probably needed a little bit of consideration while being packed}. Anyways, I grab the bus and was in downtown Seattle by around 5:30. I decided against popping into Melrose to see Joel, he'd probably think I was a looney. I walk down the many flights of stairs to the Light Rail, buy my ticket, wait for a minute or two - and then decide that I genuinely want to see the handsome butcher, and I was pretty damn thirsty for a Gin & Tonic. SO I make my way BACK up the large flight of stairs and walk well over a mile to Melrose Market. A block away from my destination and I think, "God, you crazy bitch. What are you going to do? You have no wingman, no mojo - and you're wearing a hooded sweatshirt for christ sake." I attempted a "driveby" {aka takin a gander in the window} and then decided that I was a chicken shit. I turned around and walked a mile and a half back to the light rail - muttering to myself the whole way back...the crazies thought that I was crazy, and no one asked me for some 'spare change'. As someone who always takes charge {I've asked out EVERY one of my past boyfriends}, I was totally ashamed at my lack of courage. Oh well, better luck next time {aka when I visit Jackson Hole}. So instead of being a babbling idiot with the handsome butcher, I opted for an OUTSTANDING dinner at LA MEDUSA in Columbia City. Thankfully it was slow, so I got to spend some Q.T. with my darling Julia. I had THE BEST spagghetti and meatballs OF MY LIFE, along with a repeat of the endive salad {and several glasses of wine, and a gin&tonic, and a glass of bubbles}. more.
Aside from missing out on Mr. Dreamy, it was an epic evening. The icing on the cake was my new Seattle fave's: JANICE & JEREMY. Jeremy rips on me pretty hard - for pretty much everything, though he focuses mostly on Twilight. BUT, I don't mind. I think that Jer likes me. He's alot like my Dad...if he's not ripping on you, it means that he doesn't care. His wife Janice is as sweet as hooooooney. Delightful. I was so glad to spend my last night in their company, laughing and debating and rambling with these fine people. They gifted me the novel, "The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food and Love". I'm sure it's not winning any literary awards, but it's cute to boot - and it's about a city girl falling in love with a real man, a farming man. Ha. Well, I'm no city girl - but I understand the pull towards a man that knows his way around meat, dirt, and a kitchen.

Okay, going to give my mad rambling and trash talking a bit of a break. I leave tomorrow morning for Asia and don't think that I'll be able to blog for a few more days. As I always do in my travels, I'll be keeping a notebook and then posting my dated blogs whenever I'm near a computer. For the first time ever I'm a bit nervous about my trip....Asia is pretty foreign, and I don't speak the language. BUT - I'm optimistic because no matter where I go I encounter intelligent, vibrant, amazing human beings....and I'm sure that this trip will be the same in that sense!

Seize the day my friends.

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  1. Safe travels and have a blast! I'll be following you on this blog, wishing I was in Asia instead of working like a sucka! Xox