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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Updates and Study Dates....

So....I'm a bit behind. Saturday, after an epic beach day and hang out with my two favorites, Jess and Bogey, I headed home to do some "chores". Laundry, clean up my room, the essentials. Then I met Bogey and some of the crew down at the beach for the drum circle sunset dance madness. There were hippies everywhere. People were meditating, people were getting high, there was naked babies and fire throwers and all sorts of madness. Bogey was busting some moves and then once I started to feel the rhythm I headed to the front of the dance circle to dance WITH the drums. It didn't take long for me to be totally enveloped in the beat and totally saturated in sweat, amidst the stench of dirty hippy BO and some interestingly clad backpackers. It was early to bed because I was still sick and had an gnarly fever. I only got a short bit of sleep (due to an evil cough) and then we had a "self practice" on Sunday morning. Basically we flowed through the Ashtanga Primary Series on our own, followed by pranayama and meditation, as the teachers walked around to critique and assist. I love that they encourage a personal practice, and I love that the practice is 2 1/2 hours. Sundays schedule was a bit more laid back than the rest of the week, and we were all grateful for that. This training is amazing, but goddamn it is exhausting. Not only are you processing all of the information, but a lot of personal emotions are coming up as well with all of this work we are doing, so you have to work through all of your own shit in addition to the intense curriculum. Anywho, the highlight was Sunday nights class. Rory led a "hatha" class. I've always thought that hatha was easy, beginners yoga. This was like a yin class, but with this you held standing postures!! Tadasana and triangle for 5 minutes each?! Uttanasana for 5 minutes is a powerful experience. Holy mackerel. Rory helped us to ride the energy instead of resisting it and it resulted in a life changing class. That's been the most exciting revelation that I've had yet at this Learning how to recognize it, move it, manipulate it, get rid of it, move it higher and channel it. It's super amazing.

Jess, Bogey and I have become a trio. Our energies just click and the company is great. We enjoyed a long lunch yesterday...had a swim, some healthy food and some thought-provoking conversations about all of our recent lectures. We also had dinner together and studied Sanskrit, the yamas and niyamas, and the primary series. Tonight bogey and I met up with someone else from class for some study and dinner sess, and now I'm heading back for some much needed sleep. I had a numerology session today that was life changing, but that'll get a proper blog when the time is right. Hope that everyone is happy and healthy....

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