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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rice + Curry : String Beans

Rice and Curry : String Beans

First rinse and then Slice string beans on a slight diagonal. Set aside. Add vegetable oil (or coconut oil) to a skillet. To the skillet add diced garlic, and once that's cooked a bit add diced red onion and let these both cook down for a few minutes. Add curry leaves, Ceylon cinnamon, 2 cardamom pods, tablespoon of turmeric powder, tablespoon of curry powder, tablespoon of mustard cream, and a bit of salt. The curry powder that Ama uses is a dark brown, and mustard cream is a British thing that is used all over the place here in Sri Lanka. It's just a mixture of spicy brown mustard and margarine, something that you could easily substitute at home. 

Now toss the string beans into the skillet with this mixture of herbs and spices. Dice one tomato and throw into the skillet, along with half a cup (up to a full cup if you'd like) of coconut milk. Put a lid on top and let the string beans cook until tender. 

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