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Monday, January 7, 2013

Food in the Motherland.

Arambol, as well as all of Goa, is quite busy and touristy. The beaches are chock full of restaurants, but they are all tourist food with tourist prices. I did some exploring by myself the other day and stumbled upon a random place, a bit off the beach, and I saw a dozen Indians eating there. I decided to go there too. I ordered "what they have", and got an awesome Indian rice and curry for 90rs and my chai was 25rs. 55rs = $1usd. So I had lunch for just over $2. Today I had chai, fruit salad, and spicy vegetable soup for lunch. There's 30 of us in the training, and after being with them from 5:30am on I am ready for a solo lunch and some quiet time. I love the little local man who is the waiter there, I love the cheap prices, and I love the authentic feel. There's some good vegan food at our place, but local is what I crave.

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