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Friday, January 18, 2013

Exam Day and Caffeine.

Yesterday was a great day. Fridays are "exam" days and Teacher Practice (where we guide our partner through a flow). I felt good about both, and finally am feeling a tad less overwhelmed...feeling like the information and long days are finally a good rhythm. It was a rough morning on the mat, with lots of tears after some powerful pranayama and long hatha yoga holds, but again- it was cleansing, and it's better to get that shit out than to keep it in. My friend Jess was across the room, but I felt her when I was in child's pose, crying my eyes out. Sure enough, she was sending me some love. I'm so grateful for her and Bogey, they really have become a family to me these past two weeks. No matter how sad, overwhelmed or exhausted I am, I know that I have their support and love- and when you're this stripped down and vulnerable, well- lets just say I'm beyond grateful. Jess's son Maben arrived with his father today (they've been done in south goa), so they did their thing and Bogey and I did ours. We actually went to the dark side and enjoyed cappuccinos at the fancy Italian place in town....indulging our exhaustion with the forbidden nectar ;) As per usual, the conversation was far more energizing than the coffee...and we didn't get an ounce of studying done for the exam, but instead examined our own life's, journeys, joys and challenges. After the exam and teaching practice, we ended with an Osho meditation : 45minutes of dancing (half shaking and bouncing and half free style dance), and after working up a ton of prana and heaps of sweat, we had a long savasana- just lying on our backs, feeling the joy and excitement of being alive. After scrubbing several layers of dirt off my body, Bogey and I indulged in an array of Indian dishes, including aloo gobi (cauliflower, potatoes, peas) and palak paneer (spinach and cheese), and soaked up the spicy and delicious sauces with baskets of fresh naan, washing it all down with some fresh juice (and obviously great conversation). Early to bed because the next day, my only day off, was early to rise- for a boat ride and some dolphins. Yeeeeww....

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