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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Energy Work with Safah

One of the things that I was told during my numerology reading is that I tend to be good at everything (who doesn't know that?! Haha), so my downfall will be if I try *to do* everything (which I have been). Neil (my numerologist) told me that I will be super successful if I pick just one avenue and give it all of the attention that I've been spreading all around. So, the path is obvious : yoga (asana, meditation, pranayama, healing - which includes bodywork). This summer I will play the occasional gig and still cook once a week for Jim and Eileen, but other than that my full attention will be yoga (and bodywork). My upcoming months here will be consumed with trainings, workshops and diving deep into my chosen field. Apparently I'm quite intuitive and good at "feeling" energy (or so said my energy/pranayama teacher Safah). Last night was the coolest night yet...we did energy healing work. We learned how to "clean" a space (ie your living space or yoga studio between classes), how to scan someone's energy, and how to check in on the energy of those that we love....even if they are far away (Mom, I did a healing meditation for you and apparently your energy was much more vibrant afterwards...I hope you felt it!!). We also learned how to scan a room even if we aren't in it. I did a rough sketch of my room, closed my eyes, told the universe that I wanted to know where the negative energy was in my room and then I felt for it. My hand got hot over the area where the bathroom is. I asked Safah if she wouldn't mind scanning for me (not telling her my result) and she quickly responded with "the bathroom". The way to clear the energy, you ask? Burning sage (preferably) because it absorbs negative energy, therefore destroying it- or second best is sandalwood incense. Last night she scanned bogeys chakras and put him back into alignment. Pretty cool stuff, and I know it sounds crazy- and to see it isn't necessarily to believe it- but when YOU*FEEL* it, it's pretty outstanding. Pow! Loving life.

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  1. I hope you will be doing private yoga classes this summer! I cannot wait to see you and benefit from this joyous experience!