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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Teachers' Teacher.

So the training is intense and amazing. I realize with each day that passes that I know less and less, about yoga and life- and that's amazing. What I know about yoga is just the itty bitty bit of the tip of the iceberg, which is exciting and humbling. I hope to be a student for the rest of my life, particularly under the tutelage of teachers like Rory.

I'm glad that this training has multiple teachers...there's always one or two teachers that really resonate with you, and others that will resonate with another. A certain flavor, you could say. Rory is an ashtanga teacher from Scotland, though he has lived and taugh in Southeast Asia and around the world for years. He is definitely a teachers teacher, and his enthusiasm and love for the whole of yoga is contagious. His adjustments are strong and specific and spot on. His knowledge is deep and humble and vast.

My other favorite teacher is Sequoia. She's a crazy hippy lady who marches to the beat of her own magical drum. She teaches pranayama and meditation, and when you ask her where she's from she says "from the sun". When we are sleepy in class she makes us get up, dance like crazy and shake everything, even "shake your genitals". She's the exact opposite of Rory, and therefore the best compliment to his teachings (and his to hers). Tomorrow I give the morning reading, so wish me luck...

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