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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day OFF.

Woke up super early despite it being my only morning to sleep in, and headed to my local spot for some chai, fruit and some solo time with my book. Laurie showed up shortly thereafter and we laughed as we sipped our warm, spicy, milky teas. Then we walked far down the beach to the next town, Mandrem, which is much quieter than the noisy town of Arambol. The beach was desolate, and the water was warm and glassy. We swam and swam and swam, did some yoga, and got way too much sun. Jess joined us, then later Bogey- we snacked on some strawberries and nuts and then packed up to head into the heart of Arambol. We stopped at the local yoga/spiritual bookshop and loaded up on epic reads. We could have spent a full day in the little shop. After much debate I settled on 4 books: Kundalini Tantra, Mula Bandha: The magic key, Osho's "Book of Woman", and Chakra Exploration. Afterwards Laurie and I headed to our in-town favorite local restaurant, YoYo's. It was even MORE delicious than it was last week. We had 2 extra large beers, 3 tulsi teas, 3 orders of naan bread, dal, paneer tikka masala, aloo gobi, and another dish who's name I forget- but it was dried fruit and cashews, chopped up with spice and stuffed into a potato, served in a spinach sauce. The total? $10usd. GAH. Amazing. We were beyond stuffed, but it felt good to indulge on our night off. We topped off the evening with a chocolate ball....a 10rupee rich and moan-inducing ball of delight. Thank god it's a long walk home...

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