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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 (round 2)

I'm losing enthusiasm about writing the blogs because with this spotty Internet connection and my dodgy iPhone, blogs that I have spent loads of time creating are being deleted, delayed, misplaced or posted twice. I'm a bit OCD, so the lack of organization drives me insane- and it's disheartening to type away my intimate experiences on the little iPhone keypad only to have them lost or deleted. Alas, my whining (or "win-jing" as the Aussies call it) is done.

I can't manage to type up all that I had for the original "2013" blog that I'd sent off that didn't post, but here are the pictures from our New Years Eve. We spent it at home @ asankas, we ate a huge meal, drank a few cocktails and set off a few fireworks before retiring to bed at 11pm. It was a great evening with great people.

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