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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fish and Fireworks.

After our big night out at 23 Palms, we all felt the desire to stay home @ Asankas and celebrate New Years Eve here with a cocktail or two and a delicious dinner. Oh yeah, and fireworks. Lots of loud and obnoxious fireworks, as per the boys requests.

Asanka needed to grab a few things from Weligama for dinner, Stu and I wanted to pick out our own fish, and Jimmy wanted to join in- so the four of us piled into the tuktuk and we were off. Stu even drove the tukky for a bit, which was equally funny and terrifying. We had wanted a grilled snapper for dinner, and we had to go to a few fish stalls to find what we wanted. I love how they keep the fish "fresh" here by sprinkling some water over them and rubbing them down so they 'glisten'.

Once we had collected all of our goodies from town and the boys got their noisemakers, we piled back into the tukky and headed home....

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