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Sunday, January 20, 2013

In-Town Adventures

After the boating adventure and breakfast, I headed to the beach. Sun and lunch with Bogey, Jess and her son Mabon all afternoon. Later we all parted ways and I joined up with Laurie (my super-authentic Scottish Chai Tea-partner-in-crime) and we cruised into "town". We shopped a bit and bopped a bit, and ate a lot. We actually started with cheesecake and chocolate cake. Later we had the most epic, most delicious, most grand and inexpensive feast of this entire trip. Truly magnificent. It's good that we had a long walk home, because we ate so much. We stopped for a "chocolate ball" at the same little bakery stand on the way home, because what's dinner without dessert?! And then once we were all the way back, we weren't ready to call it a night- so we had a chai at our local spot. All in all, a fantastic day off.

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