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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rice + Curry : Potatoes

Rice + Curry : Potatoes

This is enough for 4 people. 

-3 pounds of potatoes (Yukon gold), peeled and diced so they are bite sized. Boil til cooked in salt water. 
- 4 cloves diced garlic
- one small diced red onion
- a few sticks of CEYLON cinnamon
- small handful of curry leaves
- 2 cardamom pods (broken open)
- 1 tablespoon turmeric powder
- 1tsp to 1tbsp of crushed chili
- salt 

Start with a hot skillet, drizzle a generous bit of vegetable oil or coconut oil, and then add all of the seasonings. Ama INSISTS that you always begin with the garlic, let it fry for a bit...add the onion, let it fry for a bit...and THEN add everything else. When all of the ingredients have married then add the potatoes, toss, let them cook a bit and then voila, done. 

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