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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Doreen Callahan

Doreen Callahan
aka "Mom"

Wow. Where to begin? Such a profound person for words to describe.

Unconditional love.
The woman will dance anywhere, long as the music is good.

Usually I'm really great with words, but it's hard to rally all the right ones for my mom. SO, a woman who knows my mom sent out an email and I think that she hit the nail right on the head! Happy Mothers Day Ma!

Now about this woman named Doreen.:
She grooms dogs. That means she washes and cuts their hair and clips their nails. Looks for problems she may have to discuss with owner. Clean up and get ready for the next patient. Check what supplies are needed and places the orders. Keeps a record of earnings and expenses for personal and tax purposes. Etc.etc.etc.
She prepares gourmet meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. This means consulting with nutritionalists and health food experts and then shopping at the different stores for the necessary items, bringing them home, cleaning, preparing and cooking the meals. Etc.etc.etc.
She listens and discusses with the doctor Paul's medications and leaves to fetch them at whatever time they're ready, sometimes having to argue and return when insurance rules throw up a barrier. She monitors and checks Paul's response to the medications and takes whatever steps are necessaey to adjust. Etc.etc.etc.
She keeps a close watch that Paul takes his medication, doesn't overtire and when possible take daily walks and sit outside to enjoy the beauty and wonders of nature. She encourages his and her friends to visit and spend some pleasant time with him. Etc.etc.etc.
She schedules his medical visits and off they go for more consultations, treatment. medicine whatever. These are anxious and exhausting times for Paul and she does all she can to support and comfort him. It's something she does willingly and lovingly knowing his good health is her good health his joy and happiness is her joy and happiness. They are united as one. And etc.etc.etc.
She keeps a log and sends updates to an ever-growing circle of friends and relatives. She encourages them to pray in whatever manner they can. God is all good and will hear their prayers. Etc.etc.etc.
She gardens, cuts down trees, entertains with scrumptuous meals, keeps close contact with her daughter and close kin, cleans house and everytime I get another email I shake my head in wonder. Who is this woman? How does she do it all? Absolutely remarkable. God bless you and keep you fit and able. Love. Happy Mother's Day . Gilda

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  1. Wow she sounds awesome. No wonder you are awesome too. Thanks for sharing. Peace.