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Sunday, May 2, 2010

So Much Happiness.

I am just so friggin' thankful for my new friends in Encinitas. I'm overwhelmed with the endless hospitality and love that has been showered upon me. Amazing. I have had the most genuine experiences this past week: hardy laughs, huge smiles, and wonderful meals. I've just been floating high - I don't know if it's my new friends, this magical town, BioSync, lots of yoga - whatever it is, everything just seems that much more magnificent. The breeze feels amazing, food tastes heavenly, music is rocking me down to the core. AH. I just want to run around and hug everybody! I'm completely and utterly complete and happy and...crazy!

My new friend Erin made a list of intentions this past new moon, and I was one of them. A new person in her life, to ignite some passion and adventure! Well Erin - we've found eachother! Hooray! Good times have been happening on the regular... that's just awesome.

Walk on the beach @ StoneSteps!

Mimosa's and FrontLawnLoungin'

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