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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Milk + Molasses

I love coffee...whether it's from the percolator, bialetti, french press, costa rica coffee sock - any and all of it! But I will say that I'm pretty specific lately about how I take that cup o' joe. I moved in with Gray for a few days, until the 20th - when I'll be moving to another couch. At every house I've stayed at I have been the barista - serving coffee in the morning to my host. Well, for any of you who know Gray, he is very particular about his diet, and very dead set on his views of food. Dairy is definitely not something he consumes often, especially not milk. Never milk. No, No, No. "Have you ever thought if the cows are uncomfortable when they are being milked?" Call me cold, call me heartless...but I don't care, I want milk in my coffee - and that's that! A little bit of steamed milk, just a tab'll do ya {don't worry, I don't torture the cows too much} - and then some molasses. Yep, molasses. Crazy right? But oh-so-delightful! I was on agave for the longest time but I am loving the molasses, and after some research - turns out my body is doing backflips for molasses as well! Molasses is chock full o' nutrients, and you only need a touch to sweeten your cafe to perfection. But listen up - this doesn't go for just any molasses, especially not the watered-syrupy shit that Coca-Cola makes and tries to pass off as "Molasses"...I'm talking about the real deal Blackstrap Molasses.

Molasses FYI

Select and Store:
Look for UNSULPHURED Blackstrap Molasses. It should be stored in a tightly sealed container in a refridgerator or a cool, dry place.

Health Benefits:
Blackstrap molasses is a sweetner that's actually good for you!

Blackstrap molasses is what is removed from sugar cane to make sugar. Sugar has no nutritional value. All of the nutrition is in the blackstrap molasses, which is the highest food source of potassium. One tablespoon of regular molasses has 340 milligrams of potassium, while a tablespoon of organic blackstrap molasses contains 720mg! More potassium in the diet can help with high blood pressure and cardiovascular problems. Also a good source of chromium, which is needed by the body to digest sugar.

You can substitute blackstrap types for other forms of molasses; it still has that distinctly sweet but smoky taste with a tangy finish, and is slightly more bitter than other forms of molasses. You can drizzle it on hot cereal, use it in baked beans, pumpkin pies, gingerbread or a variety of other recipes that call for molasses.

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