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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Erin Rath, Erin Williams, Shelby, Ali, Me, Goldy, Kyle and Alisa.

....Encinitas Style!

Wow. Way too much fun. So much fun that right now I feel like I'm dying. A gallon of water, several advil, a cup of coffee and some orange juice -- I think I need bacon, and....a cupcake. Soak up the tequila. Christ. I woke up the morning of Cinco de Mayo in my new casa -- Casa de Ali Dodge. I have my own room with a comfy bed, and though I was sad to leave Lenny's - it's nice to be living with a lady. Erin came over for coffee in the new casa and then we spent the day lounging and soaking up some sun. I made us a delicious Orange + Avocado salad for lunch and then we went and bought some goodies @ Seaside Market {the BEST supermarket EVER} for our dinner party. Ali made some cabbage salad, Blair made spicy beans, and I cooked up some delicious fish for our fish tacos. It was a feast! Ladies only -- and we had way too much fun. Food, booze, laughing and mini-dance-party and then Goldy came to pick us up and bring us to the Saloon. Well, we stopped off for a margarita first and that was a bad idea. Too much to drink, tons of crazy dancing @ the Saloon {thanks to Dazzie the DJ} and then I was asleep by midnight. Feeling rotten now, but I have a smile on my face and I'm getting ready for a surf. Let the good times roll...

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