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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sat Nam.

Of course erin's tie for her dress would make a heart! She's blessed!

So, my friend Erin Williams is pretty outstanding. If I had not met this vibrant, sassy young lady then my stay in Encinitas would have been fun, and only a week long. She introduced me to so many wonderful things, places and people in Encinitas...most importantly Gray and the Yurt. On her foot she has "Sat Nam" tattooed, a phrase that they say 3x at the end of Kundalini class. Well, I've been practicing lots of meditation exercises that Nicole gave me {a certified Kundalini teacher}, so I've been ending every meditation with three rounds of Sat Nam. It's extra special because not only did I just end a beautiful meditation, but every time I chant Sat Nam I think of Erin {and Nicole!}, and a smile instantly comes across my face.

I did some research and this is the best description...

Sat Nam is a mantra commonly used in Kundalini Yoga and amongst its practicioners. It is frequently repeated three times at the end of a yoga session. But what is the importance of Sat Nam, what does it mean.

I’ve heard the following interpretations for Sat Nam via my Kundalini Yoga instructors:

  • Truth is my identity
  • My identiy is Truth
  • My True Self
  • Truth is our identity

It has been called the process of naming ones self Truth. It can be used similar to Namaste, (the divine in me aknowledges and pays tribute to the divine in you.) Where the “Truth” is the divine.

Being one who likes to get to “Source” info, I decided to do some further research into the nature of Sat Nam. I made an assumption that Sanskrit is a rather root dialect and that “Sat Nam” in Sanskrit would provide supplemental information on the nature of Sat Nam.

I found this Sanskrit Dictionary, and looked up the words, Sat and Nam.


  1. being
  2. real
  3. that which really exists
  4. the real existent truth

I’ve seen it written that Sat means Be, or more apprpriately Be-ness. Which would be the essence of being. (HPB’s Secret Doctorine) I suspect some careful analysis would find an interesting correlation between Be-ness and emptiness. (For those of Buddhist faith)

but onward to Nam.

  1. To bow
  2. To submit or subject oneself

And so one is bowing to Truth, to Be-ness the essence of being.

And the active interpretation of Sat Nam emerges.

Sat Nam

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