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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wallaby Organics for when the Craving Strikes.

Last night we had a huge dinner party @ Lenny's house, my old home-away-from-home. The whole crew came out and we had a freaking blast. Actually, we had too much fun. Went out after dinner to The Saloon and were drinking vodka out of water glasses! Needless to say I was pretty useless today. Moved in with Nicole and her roomies over here in the lovely ladies commune/ashram! This morning as Nicole was finishing up her Kundalini training the rest of us just laid around, ate food, chatted, ate more food, and watched the history channels Alien marathon. I felt like I had to do SOMETHING today, so I headed out the door @ 4:30 for Katie's yoga class at the Yurt. At the beginning of class Katie mentioned that she's been eating lots of chocolate lately -- and then she mentioned it at the end of class too. Well, I couldn't shake the thought. I stopped at my favorite Seaside Market and scoured the aisles for my fix...not sure exactly what I was craving. I picked up chocolate milk, chocolate soy milk, chocolate bars, granola bars, bananas. Bah. And then I found it - Wallaby Organics "Down Under" Yogurt, with dark chocolate! The bottom 1/4 of the yogurt is the most amazing, creamy, delicious dark chocolate yogurt, and the rest of the container is an equally amazing vanilla yogurt. I mixed it up and ate it in the parking lot! Scraping the bottom of the container to get every last little bit of chocolate goodness. Boom. I'm not sure if they have this brand in Jersey, but if they don't - I'm going to write to the company and demand that they share their magic with the East Coast.

Just a side note...I also grabbed some Coconut Bliss chocolate 'ice cream' bars on the way out.....

Wallaby Yogurt Company was born out of an adventure that began Down Under. During the Christmas season of 1992, founders Jerry and Faith traveled to Australia for vacation. They were awed by the country’s many natural wonders, but interestingly enough, one of their most impressive discoveries turned out to be the yogurt. It was fresh, subtly sweet and creamy in a way that they weren’t used to finding in the U.S. They wondered why this style of yogurt was not available back home – they were sure that Americans would enjoy its unique qualities. Being somewhat na├»ve, but genuinely inspired, Jerry and Faith decided to quit their technology industry jobs and dedicate themselves to building a yogurt company that would make this happen. They already knew what they would name it – Wallaby Yogurt – in honor of where the idea got its start.

Today, what began as an Australian adventure continues in the form of Wallaby Yogurt Company. But it's more than smooth yogurt that makes Wallaby Yogurt Company unique. As a business, Wallaby strives to maintain a company culture that emphasizes respect and concern for all people. This effort is evidenced in the company's commitment to sharing its success with its employees and producing only organic products of the highest quality.

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