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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Namaste, Motherfuckers.

Namaste, Motherfuckers. This - is an inside joke, one that only people who were at Carly's yoga class @ the Yurt would understand, and right now they are probably crippled with laughter. So for the rest of you who might find this phrase mildly offensive -- well, I'll just have to explain another time!

Wow. FUN things have been happening. Amazing, super fun, oustandingly phenomenal things. I'm so excited that I found "my spot" takes some people years, and years and years - but I've found it, at the ripe age of 23. People talk about ideas, not other people. People sit around and sip chai, instead of slamming beers. People hang out and have "Meditation" parties, instead of heading out to the bar. I LOVE this place. Here's just an average week in Encinitas....

Started off this Saturday night with a Summer of Love dance party @ Jet's house. This night we passed up the chai for some vodka with a FRESH SQUEEZED citrus blend {grapefruit, lemon, orange...thanks Gray!} and traded in our regular digs for some hippie gear.

Kundalini Crew. Erika, Bri, Nicole + Michele. All fellow female rippers as well!

"WE LOVE THE YURT" Posse. Gray, Andy, Me, Erin, Christian and Haley -the chocolate chip cookie fairy.

Summer of Love Dance Party 2010.

Peace + Love.

Next thing on the list was a small dinner gathering, cooked up by Chef Chris Del Moro. Just back from an epic trip in Baja, he tickled our palate with some amazing homemade pizza - the first pizza I'd had in months. We dined at Gray's parents condo, on the beach in Leucadia, and watched the Celtics game (Erin is addicted!).

Chef Del Moro, and Sous Chef Williams.

The view from "Grand View", Grays parents condo.

Chris dedicated this outstanding veggie pizza to me - much love from one chef to another.

MmMm fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and kalmata olives. Sublime.

Of course there were many other meals, jam sessions, delightful conversations, long walks, "Meditation Mondays" @ Nicoles, and yoga classes in the mix. I am so in love with Katie's class at the Yurt - this is definitely going to be something that I miss.

Live in rooms full of light
Avoid heavy food
Be moderate in the drinking of wine
Take massage, baths, exercise, and gymnastics
Fight insomnia with gentle rocking or the sound of running water
Change surroundings and take long journeys
Strictly avoid frightening ideas
Indulge in cheerful conversation and amusements
Listen to music.
-- A. Cornelius Celsus

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