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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coconut Curry

Dinner party #1,032.

I'm way backed up on my blogging...because I'm having so much g'damn fun! A few nights ago we went to Jen's house for a little dinner party. She made an amazing salad and a kickass cheese plate and I made a big batch of Coconut Curry. MmMmMm. It was quality girl time and of course another night filled with laughter.

Chef Cailin.

Jen, Lindsay, Erin.

Our Dinner Party Crew:
Shannon, Lindsay, Jen, Me and Erin.


- 2 cans coconut milk
- 1 can coconut cream
- 1 can chick peas
- Curry Paste {red, green or yellow...I prefer green}

- 1 large yellow onion
- 1 head of garlic
- 1 little pint of cherry or grape tomatoes
- 1 lime
- 1 jalapeno
- string beans! lots of em.
- fresh cilantro
- fresh basil

- curry powder
- cayenne pepper

- ground meat {optional}

So...I begin by cutting the onion in half and instead of dicing it, slicing it in 1/2 moon's. Dice up a whole head of garlic. Slice up the jalapeno. Add all three of these to a pan on med-high heat with some EVOO. While these are sauteeing, {if you aren't a vegetarian or cooking for a veg} make little tiny meatballs with the ground meat. I season the meat with a little bit of salt, pepper, cayenne and curry powder. The meatballs are only about an inch around. Throw them into the pan with the onions, garlic, and jalapeno - you may have to add some extra EVOO. When the meatballs are about 1/2way cooked, add in the cans of coconut milk and coconut creme. Add two heaping tablespoons of curry paste into the pot. Slice tomatoes in half and toss into the pot...along with a nice handful of basil {preferably thai basil but any basil will do the trick} and a nice handful of fresh cilantro. Add in the juice of one lime. Sprinkle some cayenne pepper and curry powder into the pot. Give it a taste...too sweet? Not spicy enough? Maybe add some more curry paste - this is totally up to your personal palate. Now add in the can of chick peas {if you aren't using meat, add in extra chick peas}. The meatballs are cooking in the curry and soaking up all of that yummy goodness...flavors are coming together. The last thing that you add to the mix are the string beans {because you don't want them to be soggy}. I steam them for a few minutes before tossing them into the pot, and then I serve it. I love this dish over a nice bed of brown rice or jasmine rice - again, its all personal preference, so go with your favorite. ENJOY.

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