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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tastes of Home.

Tonight grilled corn brought me to tears.

It was delicious, but not so sublime that it made me cry...
the taste of corn reminded me of home.

There are certain songs that remind you of a specific time. When I hear Mason Jennings "Boneclouds" album I am instantly brought back to Mexico ... emotions I felt, memories had, salty surf sessions. When I smell the lowtide and it's seaweed aroma I can close my eyes and be back home, on the back bay - on the boat with my Dad. I was flipping through channels the other day and came across the movie "American Pie"...memories flooded back of high school. Well, tonight when Gray and I dined on Grilled Salmon with grilled veggies {maui onion, broccoli, and mushrooms} and grilled corn - the corn overwhelmed me with thoughts of home. It's so random what hits, and when it hits....but it was so intense that I almost burst into tears as Gray and I sat at the dinner table. The corn brought up the best memories of sitting in my parents backyard, eating corn on the cob - downing steamers and clams on the 1/2, maybe even drinking a few beers. The dinner table in my family is so important, and for me - the respect I learned for having 'family' dinners - sharing food with people you love - has stuck with me through the years. So cheers Mom + Dad, pretty soon I'll be home eating corn on the cob with you - but until then you are always in my heart...when I'm in the kitchen, when I'm cooking food for people I love, and especially when I'm getting down and dirty with a cob of corn....

Gray...marinating some veggies and getting ready to grill some wild salmon.

Wild Salmon from my favorite, Seaside Market.

Gray, the Grillmaster.

Grilled Maui Onions + Broccoli.

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