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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Soul Lifting.

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So...Saturday night I had a dinner party at my house. I was making a Roasted Butternut Squash Soup and a huge Garden Salad with a honey lime dressing and some homemade hummus with fresh baked pita chips. MmMm. When making a list of people to invite it was totally overwhelming, because I had over 25 amazing people on the list who I really wanted to join! I ended up widdling it down, putting out the intention that at the next dinner party I will invite the rest of the list. There were 16 people at the dinner party, and the energy was amazing! Two new faces, Michelle and Nicole - both yogini's and good friends with Gray + Chris. The food was outstanding...the few hours it took me to prep and cook for the soup was worth it! {recipes will follow, i promise}. As the crowd started dwindling, a dance party began! How, I don't remember - but it was organic and wonderful and soul-lifting. We danced like crazy people fully in touch with our inner dancers - with no reservations. DJing was Erin's great friend from college, Lindsay - fresh outta Brooklyn. The playlist was glorious, filled with oldschool hiphop, dancehall and michael jackson! Sunday was a day of rest, cleaning up, laughing and eating leftovers. Wonderful.

Last night Erin and I went to Kristen's peaceful, fulfilling Jivamutki yoga class @ the yurt. There were so many people that we had to all turn our mats in rows, able to feel the sweat and breath of the people beside you, in front of you, and behind you. Sometimes this crowdiness is a distraction and sometimes it fills me with a sense of community. At the end of the day I guess that how I interpret this many people depends upon myself, and just me...I cannot allow it to be a distraction. Money is running low so in her donation bucket I placed $5 and a big serving of my roasted butternut squash soup. Hey - give what you can. After yoga Chris had invited us to Nicole's house {the one yogini that was at my dinner party a few nights before} for some food. Well, we arrive and instantly were filled up with the good stuff. Good people, good conversations and good food. Gray was there and aside from him, Chris and Erin, it was all new faces! We had a "Kava Circle" which was kinda trippy and kinda like drinking mud - with little effect. BUT - I was digging the sense of community that it created. Following the Kava Ceremony we did some Kundalini meditation...for a serious amount of time. Meditation is something that I really struggle with - sitting still, calming the mind, not focusing on how bad my back hurts...getting a hold and coming to peace with meditation is definitely on my list of intentions this month. Afterwards we ate and chatted, and then I played music. Lots of music. Lots of originals. And I was showered with lots of love! It is so wonderful as a musician to play music that you've poured your heart and soul into - for a group of people who want to listen, really listen...and appreciate. This overwhelmed me with love, and it helped me to take my day's intention off the yoga mat and focus harder on the obstacle of releasing insecurities. Breath in love, exhale insecurities. Breath in confidence, exhale insecurities. We left pretty late - arriving home after 1am. Still hungry {sorry yogi's, I still am not sold on eh vegetarian food and the whole raw thing}, I cooked up some sauteed spicy asparagus for Erin and I along with some hummus. I had such a difficult time falling to sleep - my mind and body were racing, high off of this wonderful people and wonderful experiences. I read for a bit and then slept for a few hours. Woke up early, coffee in hand - pen and paper. Tomorrow is Wednesday, the New Moon, so be sure to make a list of intentions.

I'm headed out the door now to my favorite yoga class of the week with Katie -- so flowly, so fabulous. Tonight is - you guessed it - ANOTHER dinner party!! I'm heading over to Andy's house {Carly - erin's roomates - boyfriend} to cook up a big asian veggie stirfry over brown rice, followed by a jam session. Andy is an outstanding musician, and his roommate is in the famous band, Slightly Stoopid. He plays saxaphone and piano..and I'm sure much much more. Pura Vida and Namaste my friends.

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