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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Encinitas Love

Still sitting in the Chicago airport…still killing time, and still missing all the wonderful people, places and things in Encinitas. I feel so much gratitude towards everyone that I met this trip for offering me the most epic hospitality that I have ever experienced over these past few years of traveling. Outstanding. You people sure do know how to make a girl feel loved.

Here are some things about Encinitas that make me really happy:

  • Yoga @ Yoga Swami’s: This is where the magic happens. Erin took me here on our “first date” when I had just arrived into town. Had I not met Erin I would have never discovered the Yurt, and I would not have extended my trip past the planned departure date {which was only for 10 days}. The Yurt is where I met Gray, as well as a whole slew of other outstanding human beings, and it is also where I began my spiritual journey. This has been an amazing year for me – the best year to date. But it has also been a very serious year, going through some of the heaviest shit I’ve ever experienced. The Yurt was a safe place for me, a place where I could totally release all of the shit that was still lurking around inside of me. A huge thanks to the yoga instructors Katie and Kristen for guiding me along, helping me discover, release and start fresh.
  • JUST PEACHY: Fresh fruit and veggies, international goodies and Kombucha. What more do you need? And it’s all in one spot…Just Peachy in Leucadia, the BEST produce store around. This is where I did all of my shopping for my many dinner parties, and not once did I need to venture elsewhere for the things on my ‘shopping list’. Service was always with a smile and small places like this, where you are always greeted by the owner, are ranked high in my book. Thanks for all the goodies Just Peachy!
  • Gray’s House: Perhaps I am biased because I love Gray so much, but many will agree with me in the statement that his house is filled with love + positive vibrations. The sun is always shining in, the couches are comfy, the record collection is outstanding, the outside shower is refreshing, the kitchen is inviting and always filled with great food, and this is where the BioSync magic happens. The best part of all, you ask? The fountain outside, trickling water 24/7…it’s pretty much the most wonderful thing in the world. Tons of praise to Gray for the hospitality, not just for me – but for always having an ‘open door’ policy to anyone and everyone. You’re a good man Gray, and your house is a reflection of that.
  • Neptune Street: I just love this street. Lenny lives on the corner of this street, and I have several friends that live in homes along it as well. It’s the street that runs parallel to the beach, and it reminds me of our little slice of heaven back home – Strathmere. Everyone knows everyone, biking down the street on oldschool Cruisers and people sitting on their front lawns drinking beer. There’s something very “East Coast” beachy about this street, it reminds me of home – and I like it.
  • Seaside Market: Probably the best supermarket that I’ve ever been too. Super expensive, but the quality is unmatched. They have a huge variety for such a small store, and their prepared foods section is rockin’. Someday when I’m rich I’m going to do all of my foodshopping here – but until then I’ll just aimlessly walk up and down the aisles, inspecting their goodies with complete happiness and amazement. I <3>
  • The Encinitas Sign: I am counting down the days for when I am pulling back into town and the ENCINITAS sign comes into view. It just makes me happy.
  • 2063 ASHRAM, Cardiff by the Sea: I stayed a ton of places while I was in Encinitas…all of them wonderful, but this one deserves a special shout out. Nicole’s apartment in Cardiff is a 3 bedroom place, with another apartment behind {3 bedroom as well} where Bri lives. The doors to both apartments are always open and there is always people coming and going from each abode. At any given moment there are a few interesting, eclectic people hanging around – ready to participate in some yard yoga, kundalini meditation or a sporadic jam session. It makes me happy to know that a place like this exists in the world. Even better? I know that the door is always open for me to return…to eat good food, indulge in great conversations, and connect with some pretty outstanding individuals.

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