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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Healing Sounds.

I know, more hippy dippy shit. But you know what, I love the hippy dippy shit. I am the hippy dippy shit ... and here in California, in Encinitas, I can fully embrace and fully be the "hippy dippy shit". It's ammmmaazzing!

Anyways...tonight Nicole, Chris and I went to a sound meditation - with tibetan singing bowls and a gong. Probably one of the most oustanding things I've done in a long time. The room was crowded but we finagled it so that everyone had a little space to lay down on the floor. The man running the show was a short, soft spoken, kind hearted man from Nepal. All of the proceeds (it was a $10 suggested donation) go to an orphanage that is in Nepal. While we were waiting to find our place on the floor, I stood with Nicole and Chris as they chatted about something, I think it was about our surf session from earlier that day - nothing of profound content. And out of no where, I felt like someone kicked me in my chest...hard. So hard in fact, that I almost couldn't catch my breath. My cheeks were hot, my ears on fire, and my eyes welled up. I realized that I was about to cry, and not just cry - but sob. It finally hit me that my final day here was approaching...and that my days wouldn't be filled with Sound Meditations, "Meditation Monday's", Katie's classes at the Yurt, bike rides down Neptune with Erin, Dinner Parties turned Dance Parties - or sporadic yoga sessions on Nicoles Lawn. Standing in front of me were two of the most oustanding people I'd ever met, who challenged me to be a "better me", but who loved each and every bit of me for all that I am. CHRIST. This is some heavy shit to process while waiting for my floor space in sound meditation. I tried to gain some composure and then made my way to my 5' x 1' space on the floor. We started the class with a seated meditation that was about 10 to 15 minutes long. To begin the session we chanted OM three times. Det spoke softly, working through the chakras and playing the note that was in accordance with each. Again I felt a flood of emotions as I was focusing on each chakra, absorbing and acknowledging that chakra, and releasing the unnecessary. I cried, and cried - but still wasn't quite sure what the tears were for. Dad? Shawn? Leaving this town and these people? Or returning to the town I'm returning to? Or worrying that I won't be able to maintain this higher level of self that I've created here in Heaven? Again - heavy shit to be experiencing in a tiny yoga shop in a tiny strip mall in a tiny town in Southern California. After this we worked our way down to the floor, lying in Savasana - open to whatever would be coming our way. The singing bowls are divine. A heavenly, pure sound which calms and helps to center the body and mind. These bowls were scattered throughout the room - all around. I had one directly next to my left ear and one just off my right elbow. Did I mention that I was basically underneath the gong due to cramped quarters? Ugh, epic. The sounds vibrate through your whole body. Chris said it right, the singing bowls seem to lift up your soul - lets them spiral around - and then the heavy tone of the gong is like a blanket almost, pressing you down into ground. Tears rolled down my face for half of the sound meditation. I finally set my intention for myself, instead of for another, that my heart could find peace in the flow of life right now. When we left I felt so very satisfied. To have such an amazing release is...well, amazing. Shawn always used to joke that "The reason women don't get ass cancer and all that other crazy shit is because you ladies just cry. It's phenomenal. Why can't us men just cry? We'd live so much longer!" I took a few deep breaths outside, got it together, hugged Chris, hugged Nicole and then we hopped in the car and headed home for "Meditation Monday"...what an awesome transition of events! There was a fantastic turnout, and everyone brought some really delicious goodies to contribute. We started with Nicoles Krea {i know im spelling this wrong}, about a 7 minute routine (which can range from 7minutes to 20minutes). It involves different mudras as well as varying breaths. Following that we did a 4 minute candle meditation. It was so wonderful to see the meditation circle grow, filled with people who are living life on the same wavelength as me. When meditation was done everyone started snacking and I fell into conversation with one of the AllStar yoga teachers around here, Kristen - a phenomenal Jivamutki instructor. I told her about my release at the sound meditation, and how it confused me because I couldn't figure out if they were sad tears or happy tears, and she just responded "Your glass is full. And that's fulfilling and overwhelmingly happy". Fuck. My glass is not just full - it's freaking running over! I just wanna yell it from the rooftops. It feels so GOOD. Kristen also added {having grown up in Wildwood!} that I shouldn't be upset about returning to Jersey where there aren't meditation nights and singing bowls - because now it's my duty to cultivate this and share this. So Jersey - get ready to sing some Ohms, and chant some "Ong Nomo, Gudu Dev Namo"s!

If you'd like to know more about singing bowls, check out this really awesome informative website:

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  1. I'm willing to OM with you chica. Jersey <3's you.