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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bloggity Blog...Fellow Bloggers.

Wow. There are some people out there who share my passion for mad rambling! HOORAY! Since I've been here on the West Coast I have come across some outstanding blogs that are so amazing - they must be shared. They concern yoga, food, surfing and all things concerning a happy + healthy life. Also on the list are some oldies but goodies that dare not be forgotten! So turn off your TV, and tune into the wonderful world of blogs.

Creator: Chris Del Moro

Collectic Life:
A Hub For Random Wonders Of The World, Useless Junk, Shredding and Mindless Scribbles

Content: Wow. That's what I have to say about Chris. Wow. Since the day I met him I knew that he was special. You know when you meet people sometimes and you just know that they are pretty amazing? Chris is a lover... of life, travel, yoga and healthy living. He is freakishly good at everything he does, humble beyond belief, and kind- kind, kind, kind. A Pro Surfer without an ego - impossible? No. Possible! Did I mention that he is a mean hung drum player? His blog is a random collection of LIFE...random tidbits that are not to be missed. Tune in.


Love, Respect and Gratitude
Creator: Zach Keenan

Content: I met Zach at one of Nicole's "Meditation Mondays". At first I thought that he was mute. Then, when he finally spoke - I realized that Zach is a profound person - with profound thoughts and profound things to say. He isn't a rambler at all, quite the opposite actually. When he speaks, you want to listen. An advocate for a green world, he is about 90% Raw {for anyone not 'hip' to the health world, most of his diet is COMPLETELY raw. nothing cooked. nada. no dairy, no nothin'}. It takes a huge commitment to live a Raw life, and Zach is embodying the amazing path as a "raw-est". His blog covers everything from surf trips, to some amazing natural food companies to random tidbits about mother earth. Also an ego-free, down to earth pro surfer - Zach is calm, kind, and AWARE. The name of his blog says it all "Love, Respect and Gratitude". Namaste, Zach.


Creator: Michelle Kirsche Whelan

Content: Michelle is not only the most amazing Momma, but she is a badass ROCKSTAR yogini! By far the best instructor that I have ever had, her classes put you into a happy place {as well as into positions that you never ever ever thought were possible}. Her passion for yoga is contagious, and whenever I'm feeling disconnected or discouraged from my practice, I head to her blog for inspiration. Michelle has been a radiant bit of sunshine, a tall glass of water, a breath of fresh air - all if it, since the moment I met her. She is compassionate, passionate, and 150% genuine. She has been a safe haven for me whenever one is needed - an oustanding mentor, patient and informative - and an oustanding friend. If you're new to yoga, looking to reginite your yoga flame, or just cruising for some yogic inspiration then YogaBabyMomma is the blog for you!


Music + Veganism
Creator: Charlotte Littlehales

Content: Veganism. And a bit of Music. Charlotte Littlehales is pretty phenomenal, and if you haven't heard of her yet then you should be forever in debt to me for introducing you to this person of epic proportions. I met Charlotte about 3 years ago in Philadelphia @ The World Cafe. We had both been selected for the Beta Hi-Fi Emerging Artists Music Festival contest for SingerSongwriters. There were a ton of applicants so it was an honor for her and I to be selected. At the time the name of her band was Des Mers, though currently she just plays under her name (Charlotte Littlehales). She is a UArts Vocal Performance graduate, and lemme tell you - her voice will bring you to tears, and if her voice didn't do it then her lyrics will. A blessed singer-songwriter, she is equally talented when it comes to being a vegan chef! I'm not gonna lie - I'm no vegan, hell I'm no vegetarian - but her vegan recipes could sway the best of us to start playin' for the other team. As of January 19th, 2010 Charlotte has taken a sabitical from her blog - but there is plenty of witty, delicious content to go through - plus she has a slew of recommended blogs concerning veganism, gardening and music that are worth checking out.

For Charlotte's music + touring schedule check out

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