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Saturday, December 1, 2012


I feel like every second of my days lately have been packed to the max. Adam made his world famous spring rolls for me on Thursday night and him, Ari and I hung and chatted the night away. It was great to talk a bit of business with ari and start to scheme for our epic upcoming summer. I spent the night at their house and cuddled with their super adorable puppy and then hit up aris 9:30am 90minute SWEAT class. As if that wasn't enough I then went straight to living well and did crossfit with Sam, paisley and Donny for two freaking hours! I rushed home to shower and eat and then was right back in the car to give a 4:30pm massage. And was time for YOGA RAVE at Boogie Nights in the Tropicana!!! Glow in the dark body paint, neon yoga clothes and disco was unbelievable. There was a huge crowd that came out and after the fun flow we shook our asses on the dance floor before heading out and making our way to Paisleys birthday party @ the anchorage...

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