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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Meal Prep in Ama's Kitchen

There is no such thing as opening a can of coconut milk round here...everything is done from scratch. I peeped in the kitchen yesterday to watch Ama prepare my dinner. To make things easier on her Stu, Philippe and I have been ordering the same thing- and that's usually the local "rice and curry", which consists of about 4 to 6 dishes served with rice. Though they like to serve (the more expensive and not as tasty) white rice, the 3 of us have been ordering the brown rice. The brown rice is from Sri Lanka, and it has way more texture and flavor than the white rice.

Last nights dinner was brown rice along with curry pumpkin, spicy curry string beans, curried dhal, seasoned potatoes, and an onion cucumber and tomato salad. Sooooo good. Top it all off with Ama's homemade Sambal an you're good to go. All that for $3.50.

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