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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Great Times and Spilled Wine.

Had a shit show of a good time last night at the house. What began as a small pizza dinner turned into a huge gathering and feast with all my friends. Bill, Megan, jay, Ro, Bridget, John, joe, Sam, Brooke, Mom and me. I made a kale and white beans soup, a huge antipasto platter and pizzas. We drank wine and dirty martinis, and then drank more wine, and managed to spill quite a bit as well. We laughed so hard that I can't believe no one peed their pants. We hooted and hollered and carried on all night and it was crazy fun.

This morning we rolled out of bed and laughed some more. We all reconvened at Bridget's house for homemade waffles, which were taken from "awesome" to "epic" with some delicious homemade whipped cream. The final touch, fresh strawberries.

And since the good times were still rolling, we figured "Why stop now?". So Ro, Brooke, Megan Albrecht, Meg McD, Bridget and myself headed to Pretty Nails for some kickass pedicures, with 3 bottles of champagne and Campari in tow. We took over the salon, plugging in my iPod and rocking out and laughing and drinking....again.

A brief intermission was topped off later by an outstanding dinner at Sushi Ocean View. Faith hooked us up with all sorts of amazingness, and again - more fun than we could handle.

For the first time ever I'm actually feeling a bit sad before I leave...

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