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Thursday, December 27, 2012


Our Frenchman, Philippe, who has been lovingly referred to as "Peanut", a nickname that I (accidentally) gave him a few days back, left us today. Our trio has became a duo- with Peanut heading back home to a cold and snowy France. He has been a ray of sunshine since, as Stu put, "we" became "US". A unit, "Team Asanka", a little vagabond family. And this is what I love most about traveling (aside from the obvious languages and food), it's my love of people. I genuinely like people, all sorts of people, from all sorts of places. I love people's stories and backgrounds and passions, and this is what keeps me on the road. So Thank You to Peanut for being another wonderful addition to my life. The moments our trio has shared here will be wonderful memories that I will enjoy for years to come, and I'm sure that we will cross paths again some day soon... Au Revoir Peanut!

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