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Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 3 FOOD

So lets talk about the food in Sri Lanka. It is incredibly spicy and outrageously satisfying. Coconut and curry and spice and potatoes and shallots and garlic and goodness.

Day 3 and I'd finally beat the jet lag. Still no surfboards from the airlines, so I chose to just enjoy a lazy day while Gilly was at work- and to take advantage of the beautiful home that I was staying in for one last day. I woke u at 6 and read and drank tea, drank more tea and read some more and then yep- more tea and more reading. I stretched a bit and then did a travel WOD, worked up a good sweat and an appetite. For breakfast I had scrambled eggs, some *delicious* Sri Lankan toast, a sliced tomato and gherkin and I washed it all down with a beer (because I'd already had way too much tea!). Topping my breakfast was Pol Sambal (life-changing!) and chili garlic sauce.

After breakfast I swam and sunned an out of the pool, reading and relaxing. I grabbed a shower when I was through with lounging and ventured into town for some exploration. Any foreigner is going to be stared at, especially an unaccompanied female with blonde hair. I was literally the talk of the town. I fumbled with my broken Sinhalese, but the locals appreciated my whole hearted effort to communicate and they were happy to help me with my grocery list. For $10 I got a SIM card and 200 minutes for my Nokia phone, one papaya ("papol"), two mangoes, 9 limes, one ice cold coca cola, a sarong, curd, a shorty and two sri lankan chicken and rice dishes to go. Boom. The chicken is curried and served with sautéed onions and vegetables in a spicy sauce, a ton of turmeric rice, spicy daal, and some Sambal. All for 100 rupees, which is about 80 cents. The shorty is a local snack that's freaking delicious (it's the item in the photo that looks like an egg roll). I want to compare it an egg roll on the outside with the filling of an Indian samosa on the inside. Spicy, slightly greasy and just amazing. And cheap- 30rupees (about 20 cents). And finally, curd. Similar to yogurt but a bit more sour. Top it with palm syrup and cinnamon and you're in heaven. On that note, I'm off to eat!

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