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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Final Flow

So last night was my last class before heading out to Asia. There were 25 yogis who showed up for the flow itself, and even more that came after for the potluck feast. It was mat to mat and the room was jam packed. My crossfitting yogis, avalon yogis, oc yogis, margate yogis, philadelphia yogis and friends-who-have-never-done-yoga-but-love-me-yogis all came out! 

Final Flow Love. 

Avalon Yogis.
Me and the Queen Bee being goofy and enjoying the lovefest.
My speech was about the word "fuck", so instead of chanting OM to start off class we all just screamed the F word at the top of our lungs. Rebel yelling feels soooo good. 
A snapshot of the spread....

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