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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ballin' on a Budget

You can call me cheap cause I'm trying to save $5 a day, but when you are traveling for 6 months, $5/day adds up. So, I try to be mindful and budget my days. Meesh and I first came across a budget trick in Indo, after all, Misel is the QUEEN of budgeting and making a dollar go a loooong way. The trick: invest in an electric kettle (this obviously is obnoxious if you're backpacking and covering ground, but if you are more or less settled in one spot, it's the best). The electric kettle I got was $15. Instant noodles are about 75 cents a pack so I loaded up on them, and I picked up tea bags, 3in1 instant coffees, Ayurvedic tea, and sugar. I bought a plate, a bowl, a fork, a knife and a spoon. Oh yeah, and a mug that says "sister" in Sinhalese (they call older women here "acka" which means but sister, "nangie" is little sister). I think that more than saving money, I like the option of doing things on my own time. I like that when everyone is asleep that I can make my own tea, and enjoy it in my pjs, in my bed. Today's lunch: curry ramen and tea.

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