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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 11.

Today was day 11 in Sri Lanka. My routine is pretty set, and I'm grateful for the two surf sessions that I've been getting in every day.

The rain finally stopped early this morning, but nearly 24 hours of hard rain left the ocean a bit churned up (and a bit dirty with cow shit and such). We all opted for a leisurely breakfast, not in a rush to get in the water. Stu recommended heading to The Rock...a break about a 10min drive north of where we are here in Midigama. I'm not renting a motorbike and I can't quite budget taking a tuktuk, and when I said this, Stu replied "Don't be ridiculous. Just hop on the back of my bike." And so, that's what I did. Him and Lisa had gotten the Rock really good one day, a perfect A frame with peeling lines. We were hopeful but weren't too stoked on the strong winds. Sure enough, the wind was on it but we decided to paddle out anyway. The wave certainly packs a lot more punch than Lazy Left does...and when swell fills in this weekend, if winds cooperate, this spot should be firing. Stu told me about the hotel that was just up the beach from the Rock which had epic (but expensive, $4) coffees. I was game for a splurge and was further convinced when I found out that they had a beautiful pool. Plus I'd wanted to treat Stu to a coffee as a thanks for the moto-ride that I got (and will continue to get). Well, I dove right into the pool as stu ordered us coffees. 35 people working at this lavish B&B, and only 9 guests. Alas, the "chef" was out so they couldn't make us fancy cappuccinos. Stu asked for an iced coffee and they said that wasn't possible either. They offered Nescafé and Stu declined (rightfully so, that stuff tastes like shit), saying that if they had just regular coffee he was game. Again, typical Asia, they don't want to disappoint, so yet say "no problem". A few minutes later a pot of Nescafé arrives, and a few minutes after that (a very confused stu and I) got one "iced coffee". God bless em for their attempt. The "ice coffee" was a crap ton of sugar, some ice cream, some Nescafé, a touch of cinnamon and cardamom, a bit more sugar and a splash of milk...and it was lukewarm. Instant cavities. We both just laughed, cause there's not much else to do in situations like that. Complain? Refuse to pay cause it was the exact opposite of what you wanted? Nah. A laugh will do just fine. We headed home and settled into our respective rooms. I rolled out my mat and did a bit of yoga before laying down for an afternoon nap. My daily yoga has gone from sweaty to deep and restorative. And my crossfit has been replaced by naps. Double surf sessions warrant a change of pace for my body. I read and listened to music as I lay under my mosquito net and fan, drifting in and out of sleep. I thought of my Dad a fair bit...thinking of what he'd think about this wave, the people, the food. I had a little 'chat' with him, and then drifted back to sleep again.

When I woke, stu was prepping for a surf so I joined him right out front. It wasn't great, the wind was making it a bit sloppy, but there was good size to it and it wasn't too crowded.....yet. It filled up a bit later with some aggressive (and completely shit) surfers-- Israelis and a few French, and that was the cue for the mellow "team asanka" (Stu, Me and Philip) to head in. We'd all had a few solid waves, and my arms were body craving an ice cold beer.

I grabbed a shower, grabbed a beer with two glasses, then Stu and I headed down to the rocky point on Lazy Left to watch the surfers and the sunset. Dinner was with the whole crew (jimmy stu Philip and me), and then we settled into a few rounds of dominoes before saying goodnight. Another beautiful day...minimum bug bites, some fun waves, good food and more than my fair share of laughing.

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