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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Waves in Weligama.

I woke up super early and got a few waves before the crowd filled in. When I got back I caught up with my Mom, and my besties Julisa and then Rob via Skype. It was great to finally have a relaxed morning, a good connection and some quality chat time with three of my favorite people. I enjoyed some breakfast with my dear friend stu - and then the three of us paddled out for a quality session of clean, fun waves.

I was exhausted after two sessions and a long morning, but id promised my friend Doel that I would take her friends surfing in Weligama. They picked me up and we set up camp on the beach in town. Though I'd been tired, I snapped right out if it once I was in Doel's presence. She has an elegance and energy about her that draws you in. A true gem. Doel is deathly afraid of the water, but I coaxed and convinced her to have a go at surfing...and don't ya know it, she loved it!!! The waves were uber small, but the company was great and the beers were cold. I was grateful for the beautiful afternoon out of town and out of my regular routine. Doel and her amazing husband Gautam had me super pumped for my upcoming India trip, offering me a place in their home in Delhi when I'm passing through- and educating me about some quality places to visit while in the vast, complex, confusing and brilliant country of India. All in all, the most beautiful day. Feeling content and grateful after an emotional few days.

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