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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 4

Trekking around Galle yesterday was great. We are moved into Gillys house yesterday on Vensen Street. It's a bit further from the beach and further north from where we'd been staying before. It's in Galle and right around the corner from the school where Gilly is a principal. The house it's self is actually part of a beautiful development of "track homes" that were built as part of the tsunami relief. Just in 2004 all of the beaches here were washed away by the tsunami, displacing thousands...similar to what's going on back home right now on the east coast. Anywho, the house is super cute and I truly feel like I'm in Sri Lanka when I'm here.

Last night we moved the furniture around in her living room because she wanted to join in on one of my beloved crossfit wods. The nights WOD was 80-60-40-20 air squats, 40-30-20-10 sit-ups, and 20-15-10-5 push-ups. Intense and sweaty and fueled by my blaring iPod...she survived! After the WOD we did a full Yin session, Gillys first ever. I found myself in a long seated meditation afterwards, and got a bit emotional. When we quiet down and just *sit* with ourselves there is a lot that comes up. When we aren't trying to figure things out or digest the conversations in our mind, but we just relax into that silence, so very much is revealed. A powerful evening after a long and beautiful day.

Started my morning today around 5:30am (the Muslim mosque begin their prayers very early, and very loud). Papaya and tea for breakfast, and I gotta say- as soon as I stopped fighting my "I miss coffee in the morning!", I've found that I'm pretty down with this whole tea thing! In the end, with a choice between crappy coffee and proper tea, id choose the proper tea. Crap coffee is sacrilegious, and I can quite afford a fancy $3 cappuccino every day.

Called SriLankan airlines yesterday and found out that my surfboards are in Mumbai in India. Apparently that's where United Airlines sent them to when I had my layover in France. Sri Lankan airlines assured me that there is a flight from Mumbai to Colombo today, late afternoon, and that my boards should be arriving then. So....fingers crossed that I will have my boards and be in the water by Thursday morning (Friday the latest!).

Heading to the beach today when Gilly goes to school and going to scope out the scene in the hip Unawatuna.

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